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Wart Removal London

Warts don't have to be permanent!
Be comfortable in your own skin with the help of Minor Surgery at AL Aesthetics.
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Mole and Skin Tag Removal UK
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Wart Removal Harley Street

Are you fed up with annoying, unsightly warts?

No longer feel conscious in your skin with quick and pain-free wart removal on Harley Street, in London at AL Aesthetics.

Warts are part of the HPV family of viruses, and they typically appear as raised lumps on the skin. Most warts are harmless and can occur on the hands, feet, face and across the body.  

No longer feel self-conscious of your wart with wart removal in London at AL Aesthetics. AL Aesthetics conducts wart removal, leaving you with smoother skin and more confidence. Minor surgical procedures are minimally invasive.

  • Results that last a lifetime
  • 30min procedure time
  • Instant confidence boost
  • Price from £280

What Causes Warts?

A wart is a virus that can be easily transmitted, as you can get a wart from touching an infected surface or touching someone's wart, which is why it is essential to wash your hands thoroughly after touching a wart to prevent the spread. You purchase wart treatments from your pharmacy but book your consultation today if those are ineffective for your wart.  

Warts can be harmless for many of us, but they can be more dangerous for those with a low immune system or prone to eczema. If you currently have a wart, please ensure that you keep it covered when in communal areas, keep it clean, avoid causing it to bleed through scratching or shaving and avoid sharing items such as towels.

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At AL Aesthetics, your minor op consultation is done with a member of our professional team; there is a fee of £50 for your consultation. During your consultation, if our doctor feels that histology is required to investigate what we are dealing with in further depth, there will be a charge of £100; we will call you with the results as soon we receive them.

Before and After Wart Removal

Before & After Results
Mole Removal Wart Removal Skin Lesion Removal Cyst Removal Skin Tag Removal Minor Surgical Procedures Cyst Removal Cyst Removal
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Minor Surgery:
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Minor Surgical Incisions

What else can minor surgery help with?

Skin Tags. Cysts, Warts & Moles

Dr. Ash Labib cosmetic surgeon

Being unsightly, annoying and can be irritated by clothing, hair and shaving, they may even present health problems.

Safely remove skin tags, cysts, warts and moles with the help of AL Aesthetics.


Dr. Ash Labib cosmetic surgeon

Soft, fatty lumps that grow under the skin can put down a persons self-confidence.

Re-discover lost confidence by removing lipoma with minor surgery..

Earlobe Damage

Dr. Ash Labib cosmetic surgeon

Whether you need your ear lobe repaired because of an injury or damage, or maybe you stretched or split your earlobes when you were younger.

Let us fix it quickly, with minimal pain.

Wart Removal Cost London

Our Pricing
Wart Removal
from £280
Mole Removal
from £350
Skin Tag Removal
from £280
Skin Lesions
from £280
from £280
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Enhance your Natural Beauty
with AL Aesthetics
Still have questions? See below

Are warts dangerous?

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Warts, for many people, are not dangerous, but if you find that warts are becoming painful, occurring in the same place, or you have a weakened immune system, please consult your doctor.

Does wart removal hurt?

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No, it may not be comfortable, but the wart removal in London should not cause you any pain; in your consultation, you will be given a step-by-step process of what to expect.

Should I be worried about my wart?

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For many people, a wart is not something to worry about; however, if you find it painful or growing, please speak to your doctor as it can be a possible sign of something else.

Can I remove a Wart at home?

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For some people, over-the-counter treatments available at the pharmacy can help combat their warts, but for more stubborn warts, please visit us and book your wart removal.

What can I expect?

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At our clinics, this treatment can be carried out all over the body. The quick, effective process involves zero downtime and uses dissolvable sutures if needed.

Treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic so that you will be awake throughout the process. After your treatment, you will be able to get on with the rest of your day.

Do you offer aftercare?

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Within two weeks after your treatment, we will invite you back for a check-up, just to make sure you're comfortable and are having no problems

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