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Mole Removal Birmingham

Your Local Mole Removal Specialists

Our minor ops is completed by our expert surgeon, Dr Ash Labib, in our CQC-registered clinic in Solihull.

Mole removal
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Results Seen
Healing Time Up to 2 Weeks
Results Last
No. of Sessions
1 Treatment
Procedure Time
30 Minutes
Local Anaesthetic Optional
None / 1-2 Days
Side Effects
Bruising, Redness, Itchiness
Our Pricing
From £350
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Mole Removal Treatments by Dr Ash Labib
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Mole Removal Solihull

No longer wait for lengthy NHS waiting times! Our surgeon can remove your mole safely & quickly.

No longer feel conscious in your skin with quick and pain-free mole removal in Solihull at AL Aesthetics.

NHS waiting times for minor procedures like this is around 33 weeks on average. If you can't wait this long and want to remove a mole on your body quickly, our experienced surgeons in Birmingham can help you.

Moles are a common occurrence and can range in colour from pink, brown and black, and by adulthood, people have between 10- 40 moles. The majority of moles are harmless and can vary in appearance; some may include hair growth.

At AL Aesthetics, your minor op consultation is done with a member of our professional team; there is a fee of £50 for your consultation. During your consultation, if our doctor feels that histology is required to investigate what we are dealing with in further depth, there will be a charge of £100; we will call you with the results as soon we receive them.

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At AL Aesthetics, we offers the best mole removal in Birmingham that is minimally invasive and leaves you with smoother-looking skin. Book a consultation to see how we can help you.

  • Results that last a lifetime
  • 30min procedure time
  • Instant confidence boost
  • Price from £350
Treatments by Dr Ash Labib

Dr. Ash Labib
Owner & Founder

Benefits of Minor Ops Treatments with AL Aesthetics

Lifetime results

Our minor ops treatments offer results that last a lifetime, making them the perfect solution for those looking for a permanent quick fix.

Dodge long NHS waiting times

When you choose AL Aesthetics, you can avoid lengthy NHS waiting times and get the medical treatment you need sooner.

Enormous confidence boost

For anyone feeling self-conscious about small imperfections, minor ops treatments can offer a newfound sense of pride in your appearance.

Quick and efficient procedure times

The techniques we use ensure our procedures are safe and completed in a matter of minutes, so you can get back to your usual routine in no time.

Outstanding Patient Care

Our highly advanced medical professionals provide personalised and comprehensive care, striving to ensure you feel comfortable, safe, and confident in your treatment.

Minor Surgical Incisions

What can minor surgery help with?

Skin Tags, Cysts, Warts & Moles

Being unsightly, annoying and can be irritated by clothing, hair and shaving, they may even present health problems.

Safely remove skin tags, cysts, warts and moles with the help of AL Aesthetics.


Soft, fatty lumps that grow under the skin can put down a persons self-confidence.

Re-discover lost confidence by removing lipoma with minor surgery..

Earlobe Damage

Whether you need your ear lobe repaired because of an injury or damage, or maybe you stretched or split your earlobes when you were younger.

Let us fix it quickly, with minimal pain.

Free Consultation With Dr Ash Labib

Dr. Ash Labib
Owner & Founder

Why Choose AL Aesthetics for Minor Operations?

At AL Aesthetics, your minor op will be conducted by our in-house surgeon Dr Ash Labib. He worked in the NHS for 24 years as an ENT [Ear, nose and throat] surgeon, so you can feel confident you are in expert hands.

For many, going through the NHS is a preferred choice for minor ops, but many people are searching for alternatives with surgery dates delayed due to backlogs. At AL Aesthetics, we can offer a variety of minor ops treatments at affordable prices, which our in-house experienced surgeon will handle.

Book your free consultation today and find out how we can help you reclaim your confidence.

Before and After Mole Removal

Before & After Results

What our clients have to say…

Great Experience
Dr Labib is always professional, friendly and knowledgable, he always takes the time to explain everything to me and makes me feel relaxed. I’m very pleased with the results. I really recommend him!
Trust Pilot Reviews
Over a decade of impeccable cosmetic…
Over a decade of impeccable cosmetic service from the extremely talented Ash! A classy- signature style! Won’t find anyone better in the UK!
Trust Pilot Reviews
I am a regular client at AL Aesthetics
I am a regular client at AL Aesthetics. I have both Injectable treatments with Dr Labib and HydraFacials with Donna-Marie. I am always pleased with my results and look forward to my visits. The team are both friendly and welcoming. The clinic is always immaculately clean and tidy. I highly recommend AL Aesthetics to all my friends and family. I simply wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Trust Pilot Reviews
I wouldn’t go anywhere else!
I couldn’t speak highly enough of Ash and his team. Always professional and on hand for advice. He always gives an honest opinion which allows you to make an informed decision regarding your treatment options. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Trust Pilot Reviews
I had my 8 point facelift before a…
I had my 8 point facelift before a special event and it made a big difference to my looks. I was asked by most guest about the secret to my bright face and the credit goes to Dr. Labib and his team. He is competent and skilled in what he does and gives his clients time for all Q&A needed. The clinic is professional and the team are caring. A highly recommended practice.
Trust Pilot Reviews
Sapna Panesar
Dr Labib was fantastic, couldn’t recommend him more. Extremely professional and knowledgable, highly trusted! His years of experience truly show and has helped my gain more confidence. Thank you
Pabhu logo
Phil Hawker
Highly recommend! Very good experience
Pabhu logo
Natasha samra
Lovely place with amazing staff.
Pabhu logo
Ludumo Ngetu
When I got home from the clinic I couldn't stop ravin g to my wife about how everyone was so friendly and, beautiful the clinic was. Thank you to everyone for making me feel at ease and more relaxed. The doctor was so professional
Pabhu logo
Springy Khan
Amazing had a cyst removed from walking in was an Amazing experience the politeness and the welcome was extraordinary Dr Ash and Kaz did an Amazing job I felt blessed as it was much needed and i returned to have my stitches removed all done healing well. Well recommend clinic in Solihull.😍🤲
Google icon
Holly Newland
I came in today to see Dr Ash to get Rhinoplasty I am over the moon with the results! Dr Ash is so professional and charming, would definitely recommend. Also the reception staff are absolutely lovely and so helpful.
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Trust Pilot Reviews

Your Consultation – what to expect.

Initial Consultation
Every procedure at AL Aesthetics starts with an initial consultation to get to know you and your individual needs. Our specialist consultants will conduct an in-depth assessmentRead more based on the treatment you’re interested in and what condition you would like to treat. Together we will discuss your bespoke treatment plan to ensure the desired results are achieved.
Your Treatment
Once you are happy with your treatment plan, we will arrange your procedure(s) to take place in our state-of-the-art Birmingham or London clinic.Read more Your treatment will be completed by one of our experienced doctors or aesthetic practitioners who will take into consideration your individual goals, in a safe and professional manner.
Specialist Aftercare
At AL Aesthetics, we want to make sure you are satisfied. After your treatment(s) is completed, our compassionate team will be in touch Read more to ensure you are happy with the results and to check on any potential side effects. If required, we will invite you back into the clinic to discuss your treatment results further and to make any adjustments. Aftercare is important to us to ensure the results achieved have addressed your concerns.

Mole Removal Cost Birmingham

Our Pricing

All of our prices are reflective of the expertise & experience of our team. If you would like to discuss any of our treatments, please feel free to get in touch.

At AL Aesthetics, your Minor Ops consultation is done with a member of our professional team for a fee of £50. During your consultation, if your doctor feels that histology is required to investigate your skin concerns further, there will be a charge of £100. We will call you promptly with the results as soon we receive them; your satisfaction is our top priority.

Mole Removal
from £350
Skin Tag Removal
from £280
Skin Lesions
from £280
from £280
Wart Removal
from £280

Frequently Asked Questions

Are moles dangerous? What causes moles?

The majority are not, as almost everyone will have 10 to 40 moles by reaching adulthood. But if you are worried about a mole change or a sudden mole development, please consult your doctor.

Moles occur due to the cells in the skin growing in a cluster. The melanocytes (skin cells) are commonly found across your skin, and they are in charge of melanin production. They can become darker, and this can be due to sun exposure, pregnancy and puberty but if you are worried about a mole change, please get in touch with your doctor before getting them removed.

Will mole removal hurt?

This procedure doesn’t hurt; you may feel some slight discomfort, but you’re in expert hands with AL Aesthetics.

What can I expect?

At our clinics, this treatment can be carried out all over the body. The quick, effective process involves zero downtime and uses dissolvable sutures if needed.

Treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic so that you will be awake throughout the process. After your treatment, you will be able to get on with the rest of your day.

Can you do this on the face and the body?

Yes. We can offer mole and skin tag removal treatment for most bodies and the face. Give us a call to enquire about your area of concern.

Do you offer aftercare?

Within two weeks after your treatment, we will invite you back for a check-up to ensure you’re comfortable and have no problems.

Enhance your Natural Beauty


AL Aesthetics Enhance your Natural Beauty
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