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Sagging Jowls Treatment UK

Achieve a perfect jawline for a youthful lift

Discover how you can restore firm and lifted skin here at AL Aesthetics

Dermal Fillers
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Results Seen
Best Results After 2-4 Weeks
Results Last
6-18 months
top-up recommended
Best Results After 2-4 Weeks
No. of Sessions
1 Treatment
Repeated treatments recommended
Procedure Time
10-20 Minutes
Local Anaesthetic Optional
None / 1-2 Days
Side Effects
Bruising, Redness, Swelling
Our Pricing
From £450
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Sagging Jows treatment at AL Aesthetics

How to get rid of sagging jowls

Sagging Jowls & The Causes

The term "jowls" is used to describe the sagging skin below your chin or jawline.

You can prevent sagging jowls by avoid smoking, limiting exposure to the sun, and limit time on your screen; using computers and phones can cause the skin around your neck to lose elasticity, named the “tech neck”.

The biggest cause of jowls is ageing. Almost everyone develops at least minor jowls as they age, this is because the skin in your cheeks and below your jawline loses collagen and elastin over the years.

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The skin often becomes drier and thinner, making it difficult to maintain its form. Not only this, but other factors such as stress and repetitive facial habits cause sagging skin.

At AL Aesthetics, we proudly operate advanced aesthetic treatment clinics in four central locations – Birmingham, London, Nottingham, and Wolverhampton. Our expert team of experienced aestheticians are dedicated to providing our clients with ground-breaking treatments that exceed expectations and offer powerful results.

Fillers for Sagging Jowls

Sagging Jowls Treatment

Dermal Fillers

When applied to the jawline, Dermal Fillers will relax the muscles and tighten the skin, which helps prevent the jawline from being pulled down. This non surgical treatment for sagging jowls is proven to work giving an effective lift and plump.

We also offer our revolutionary Profhilo treatment to treat sagging jowls, offering visible lift and hydration to reduce to appearance of drooping skin.

Our HArmonyCA Dermal Filler also offers safe and effective skin plumping to improve skin elasticity and restore a refreshed and revitalised complexion.

Additionally, our non-invasive body-sculpting treatment Lipofirm offers superior skin tightening benefits for improved body contours across the entire body.

Dr. Ash Labib

Dr. Ash Labib
Owner & Founder

The Benefits of Dermal Fillers for Jowls:

Across many years, AL Aesthetics has built back the confidence of hundreds of women and men across the UK and world-wide, through our injections for sagging jowls.

Restores volume and contour:  

Our filler for jowls treatment effectively restores lost volume and contour in the lower face, targeting the skin’s underlying support structures, and promoting tissue growth and collagen production. leading to a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

Non-surgical and minimally invasive:

Dermal filler injections are a non-surgical alternative to facelifts or other invasive procedures, offering a safer option with reduced risks and downtime.

Natural-looking results:

Our jowls filler treatment is highly versatile and can be tailored to an individual's unique facial structure, ensuring more natural-looking and harmonious results.

Immediate effects:

The lifting and volumising effects of fillers for jowls can be seen almost immediately following the procedure, offering instant gratification to patients seeking a quick solution to improve their appearance.

Self-confidence Boost:

By addressing this age-related issue, patients often feel more youthful, refreshed, and confident in their appearance.

Dr. Ash Labib

Dr. Ash Labib
Owner & Founder


  • Safely administered by a skilled, experienced practitioner
  • Temporarily erase wrinkles for 3 to 6 months
  • Self-esteem boost
  • Start seeing the effects from 5 to 9 days


  • Minor side effects, such as slight swelling for a few hours after treatment and redness
  • May restrict some movement of the face

By choosing AL Aesthetics for your treatment, you will be gaining the benefit of a highly experienced clinic, that was founded by a leading cosmetic specialist and international Ambassador for Allergan. This ensures only the highest quality products will be used to provide a natural result, for your sagging jowls treatment.

Before & After Results

Our Life-Changing Results

What our clients have to say…

Great Experience
Dr Labib is always professional, friendly and knowledgable, he always takes the time to explain everything to me and makes me feel relaxed. I’m very pleased with the results. I really recommend him!
Trust Pilot Reviews
Over a decade of impeccable cosmetic…
Over a decade of impeccable cosmetic service from the extremely talented Ash! A classy- signature style! Won’t find anyone better in the UK!
Trust Pilot Reviews
I am a regular client at AL Aesthetics
I am a regular client at AL Aesthetics. I have both Injectable treatments with Dr Labib and HydraFacials with Donna-Marie. I am always pleased with my results and look forward to my visits. The team are both friendly and welcoming. The clinic is always immaculately clean and tidy. I highly recommend AL Aesthetics to all my friends and family. I simply wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Trust Pilot Reviews
I wouldn’t go anywhere else!
I couldn’t speak highly enough of Ash and his team. Always professional and on hand for advice. He always gives an honest opinion which allows you to make an informed decision regarding your treatment options. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Trust Pilot Reviews
I had my 8 point facelift before a…
I had my 8 point facelift before a special event and it made a big difference to my looks. I was asked by most guest about the secret to my bright face and the credit goes to Dr. Labib and his team. He is competent and skilled in what he does and gives his clients time for all Q&A needed. The clinic is professional and the team are caring. A highly recommended practice.
Trust Pilot Reviews
Sapna Panesar
Dr Labib was fantastic, couldn’t recommend him more. Extremely professional and knowledgable, highly trusted! His years of experience truly show and has helped my gain more confidence. Thank you
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Phil Hawker
Highly recommend! Very good experience
Pabhu logo
Natasha samra
Lovely place with amazing staff.
Pabhu logo
Ludumo Ngetu
When I got home from the clinic I couldn't stop ravin g to my wife about how everyone was so friendly and, beautiful the clinic was. Thank you to everyone for making me feel at ease and more relaxed. The doctor was so professional
Pabhu logo
Springy Khan
Amazing had a cyst removed from walking in was an Amazing experience the politeness and the welcome was extraordinary Dr Ash and Kaz did an Amazing job I felt blessed as it was much needed and i returned to have my stitches removed all done healing well. Well recommend clinic in Solihull.😍🤲
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Holly Newland
I came in today to see Dr Ash to get Rhinoplasty I am over the moon with the results! Dr Ash is so professional and charming, would definitely recommend. Also the reception staff are absolutely lovely and so helpful.
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How it Works

How it Works

The innovative treatment works by first introducing the dermal filler to the skin with precision and expertise. The substance's plumping effect causes the sagging jowls to lift, regaining their suppleness and elasticity.

The FDA-approved treatment helps to not only lift the skin but offers improved hydration by attracting water molecules within the skin’s layers. Additionally, filler for jowls helps to stimulate natural collagen production to promote further elasticity and suppleness.


Dr. Ash Labib
Owner & Founder

Your Consultation – what to expect.

Initial Consultation
Every procedure at AL Aesthetics starts with an initial consultation to get to know you and your individual needs. Our specialist consultants will conduct an in-depth assessmentRead more based on the treatment you’re interested in and what condition you would like to treat. Together we will discuss your bespoke treatment plan to ensure the desired results are achieved.
Your Treatment
Once you are happy with your treatment plan, we will arrange your procedure(s) to take place in our state-of-the-art Birmingham or London clinic.Read more Your treatment will be completed by one of our experienced doctors or aesthetic practitioners who will take into consideration your individual goals, in a safe and professional manner.
Specialist Aftercare
At AL Aesthetics, we want to make sure you are satisfied. After your treatment(s) is completed, our compassionate team will be in touch Read more to ensure you are happy with the results and to check on any potential side effects. If required, we will invite you back into the clinic to discuss your treatment results further and to make any adjustments. Aftercare is important to us to ensure the results achieved have addressed your concerns.

Jowls Fillers Cost

Our Pricing

All of our prices are reflective of the expertise & experience of our team. If you would like to discuss any of our treatments, please feel free to get in touch.

From £450

Prices vary depending on amount of filler and where it is injected

Before & After Results

Up-lifting your confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect?

After cleansing, you’ll receive a number of small injections into your jawline and neck. We'll walk you through the whole process during your free consultation.

What happens at my free consultation?

At your free consultation, we will take a medical history and discuss your areas of concern. Sometimes we may advise a combination of treatments to achieve the result you are looking for.

Do you offer aftercare?

Within two weeks after your treatment, we will invite you back for a check-up, just to make sure you’re comfortable and are having no problems.

Is the dermal fillers for jowls treatment painful?

Being a delicate area, it will hurt a small amount, however, we do administer a topical anaesthetic to minimise discomfort.

How long does it take to work?

Treatment visibility takes around a week to show, and it will take a few weeks before the sagging jowls under the jawline are reduced.

How long do the results last on Sagging Jowls?

After procedure, you can notice the difference immediately and your skin will look revitalised naturally. Although, the full effect of the fillers won't be visible until 2-4 weeks after.

Are there any side effects of having filler to lift jowls?

With very few side effects, some minor effects including itching, redness, swelling and bruising but will disappear within hours.

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