Cheek Fillers

Add moisture, support & structure to your cheeks
Give your face a more defined contour using Dermal Filler injections with Dr. Ash Labib
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Dermal filler injections

Cheek Enhancement

What are Cheek Fillers and how does it work?

As we age, our skin looses ton, proportions shift and volume reduces. Our cheeks sink downwards, chins go limp and our face broadens at the bottom, that youthful ‘V’ shape turns upside down and our age becomes increasingly visible.

Dr. Ash Labib successfully uses dermal fillers to define and enhance the cheek bones. This adds a more symmetrical, plumped, ‘V’ shaped face.

  • Results last from 6-18months
  • 20 minute procedure time
  • Results visible after 2 weeks
  • Prices start from £450
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Dr Ash Labib explains Cheek Fillers treatment:
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Cheek Injectables

What can Cheek Fillers help with?

Loss of volume

As people age, you start to notice your cheeks looking deflated and miss their youthful, healthy contour. Due to this, many people want to restore back the shape to the face.

Pronounced smile lines

The bracket-like lines that stretch from the nose to mouth loose volume as we age. Over time, firmness is lost which causes drooping and pronounced nasolabial folds.

Cosmetic enhancement

People in their 20s and 30s who aren't showing signs of ageing just want to enhance their natural beauty and create more dimension in the face just because.

Cheek Fillers Cost

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Cheek Enhancement from:
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with Dr. Ash Labib (FRCS, DLO)
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When can I see the results?

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You can see the results immediately, but it gets better within 2 weeks.

What happens at my free consultation?

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At your free consultation, we will take a medical history and discuss your areas of concern. Sometimes we may advise a combination of treatments to achieve the result you are looking for.

Do you offer aftercare?

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Within two weeks after your treatment, we will invite you back for a check-up, just to make sure you’re comfortable, enjoying the results and are experiencing no problems.

How long do the results last?

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The results from cheek fillers can lasts up from 6 months to 2 years but will vary in some instances.

Is the treatment safe?

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With very few side effects, some minor effects include itching, redness, swelling and bruising but will disappear within a few hours.

Can cheek filler be removed?

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It can be removed with a hyaluronidase injection, but we’ll make sure that you love the results so this hopefully won’t be needed.

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