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Skin Lesion Removal Birmingham

Say goodbye to skin lesions!
Be comfortable in your own skin with the help of Minor Surgery at AL Aesthetics.
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Mole and Skin Tag Removal UK
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Skin Lesion Removal Solihull

Are you fed up with annoying, unsightly skin lesions?

No longer feel conscious in your skin with quick and pain-free skin lesion removal in Solihull, Birmingham at AL Aesthetics.

Skin lesions are classified as an abnormal growth in the skin and can be present in birth and develop across a person's lifetime.  Many skin lesions are benign, meaning they are not dangerous to your health but can look unsightly.

Minor surgical procedures are minimally invasive. AL Aesthetics offers skin lesion removal in Birmingham for skin tags, moles, cysts, warts and lipoma.

  • Results that last a lifetime
  • 30min procedure time
  • Instant confidence boost
  • Price from £280

What Causes Skin Lesions?

Skin lesions is a term used to describe a variety of abnormal skin growths on the skin and can occur in 2 types. Primary and secondary primary skin lesions are classified as abnormalities that occur at birth or throughout our life, and secondary lesions result from primary lesions being manipulated and or irritated.  

Skin lesions cannot always be prevented as some, such as moles, can occur at birth. You can avoid skin lesions such as warts by ensuring you wash your hands after encountering a wart and avoid biting your nails and skin.

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At AL Aesthetics, your minor op consultation is done with a member of our professional team; there is a fee of £50 for your consultation. During your consultation, if our doctor feels that histology is required to investigate what we are dealing with in further depth, there will be a charge of £100; we will call you with the results as soon we receive them.

Before and After Skin Lesion Removal

Before & After Results
Mole Removal Wart Removal Skin Lesion Removal Cyst Removal Skin Tag Removal Minor Surgical Procedures Cyst Removal Cyst Removal
AL Aesthetics explains
Minor Surgery:
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Minor Surgical Incisions

What can minor surgery help with?

Skin Tags. Cysts, Warts & Moles

Dr. Ash Labib cosmetic surgeon

Being unsightly, annoying and can be irritated by clothing, hair and shaving, they may even present health problems.

Safely remove skin tags, cysts, warts and moles with the help of AL Aesthetics.


Dr. Ash Labib cosmetic surgeon

Soft, fatty lumps that grow under the skin can put down a persons self-confidence.

Re-discover lost confidence by removing lipoma with minor surgery..

Earlobe Damage

Dr. Ash Labib cosmetic surgeon

Whether you need your ear lobe repaired because of an injury or damage, or maybe you stretched or split your earlobes when you were younger.

Let us fix it quickly, with minimal pain.

Skin Lesion Removal Cost Birmingham

Our Pricing
Skin Lesions
from £280
Wart Removal
from £280
Mole Removal
from £350
Skin Tag Removal
from £280
from £280
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What does Skin lesions removal include?

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Skin lesions can include moles, warts, cysts, lipoma, skin tags and more. If you suffer from any of these, get in contact and book your skin lesion removal in Birmingham.

Is it dangerous to remove skin lesions?

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Most skin lesions are benign, but if you are worried about any changes in your skin lesion, such as a change in colour, size or if they become painful, please contact your doctor.

Is there any pain?

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You may experience minimal pain and specific side effects, such as itchiness after removal, as well as some reddening of the surrounding skin. Treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic so that you will be awake throughout the process. After your treatment, you will be able to get on with the rest of your day.

Are there any side effects?

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Any minor side effects, such as redness and itchiness, should calm down within 24-48 hours after your treatment. If you are concerned about side effects, don’t be – we will talk you through everything during your consultation.

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