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Non-surgical nose job

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

What is the "15-minute Nose Job" and how does it work?

Would you like to change the shape of your nose without invasive surgery?

At AL Aesthetics we can treat you for a non surgical nose job in Birmingham. Known as the 15-minute nose job, you’ll be able to see results immediately. We believe we offer the best non surgical rhinoplasty in Solihull and we have helped hundreds of people not only look better, but feel better too.

Our non surgical nose job in Solihull UK is achieved by using dermal fillers that temporarily alter the profile of your nose. We can help reduce the look of any lumps, bumps and hooks, and create noses that have a more streamlined appearance. If you are thinking about opting for a non surgical nose job, make AL Aesthetics your first choice.

  • Results last 9 months to 2 years
  • 15min procedure time
  • Immediately see results
  • Prices start from £550

Choose AL Aesthetics for your Non Surgical Nose Job in Solihull

At AL Aesthetics we know that when you’re considering cosmetic work, you want to feel confident that you’re in the best hands. At AL Aesthetics you are.

Book in for your non surgical nose job free consultation and we’ll talk you through everything that the treatment entails and hear from you about what you want to achieve from the procedure. Our process is totally transparent throughout – so you’ll know everything from nose job cost to the best methods of aftercare.

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Dr Ash Labib explains Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty treatment:
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Nose Fillers

Why choose this over traditional rhinoplasty?

Being used to temporarily address issues like a small bump, a drooping nasal tip, and asymmetry, the non-surgical nose job is one of the best alternatives for the desired cosmetic surgical procedure, rhinoplasty.

Many patients are frightened by the potential complications that comes with surgery, as well as the risk of unfavourable cosmetic results. With non surgical rhinoplasty, you are guaranteed a safe, non-invasive alternative to traditional rhinoplasty.

The procedure only takes 15 minutes and is a lot quicker than the 1 to 4 hours that it takes to complete a rhinoplasty. Not only this, but the results are visible straight away and it allows you to return to work the same day.

Before and After Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Before & After Results
Non-surgical nose job before and after Solihull

Non-Surgical Nose Job Cost

Our Pricing
Depending on complexity and the type of filler
£550- £750
AL Aesthetics Clinic
Enhance your Natural Beauty
with Dr. Ash Labib (FRCS, DLO)
Still have questions? See below

How quick are the results?

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The results are immediate and last between 6-12 months, and even up to 2 years - We don’t call it the “15-minute nose job” for no reason!

As the results are relatively temporary, adjustments can be made as your face changes over time to ensure you retain the look you desire.

What happens at my free consultation?

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At your free consultation, we will take a medical history and discuss your areas of concern. Sometimes we may advise a combination of treatments to achieve the result you are looking for.

All treatments are bespoke to you, meaning our practitioner will never give you a results that doesn’t suit you. Please speak to us if you have any questions.

Do you offer aftercare?

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Within two weeks after your treatment, we will invite you back for a check-up, just to make sure you’re comfortable, are having no problems and are enjoying your results.

Who is suitable for the non-surgical rhinoplasty?

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Anyone who has:
- Slightly crooked nose
- Small nose that needs building up
- Hook shaped noses that would like straightening
- A mild to moderate bump on the bridge of the nose
- A mild to moderate drooping of nasal tip
- A nose that needs refinement after surgical rhinoplasty
- Noses that would like more height, definition and a nose tip

Are non-surgical nose jobs safe?

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If a filler is injected into the nose improperly, it can damage the blood supply. There is no need to worry about this happening as Dr. Ash Labib is highly experienced and co-pioneered this treatment.

How do I know whether the treatment will suit my face?

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All treatments are bespoke to you, meaning we will never give you a result that doesn’t suit you or that you didn't expect. Speak to us if you have any questions.

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