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Is the non surgical rhinoplasty right for me?

June 14, 2022
5 min read
Is the non surgical rhinoplasty right for me?

Not everyone who wants to have a non-surgical rhinoplasty is suitable. Before you can be considered a good candidate, there are some prerequisites you must meet. Before making a decision, it is important to consider all factors, including your mental or emotional readiness.

Non-invasive rhinoplasty is gaining popularity worldwide, offering hope for those who don't want to undergo surgery. The procedure is quick and involves dermal filler injections under the skin to alter the shape or contour of the nose. This is a great way to make minor adjustments and bring out the harmony between facial features.

What makes you a strong candidate for liquid rhinoplasty?

People looking for a minor adjustment to their nose without having to go under the knife or enduring a lengthy recovery period are ideal candidates. Patients who need to make significant or extreme changes to their nasal structure, such as reducing their size, may not find it ideal.

First, determine if you are eligible to have this cosmetic procedure. Please book a consultation to meet with one of our professionals with extensive experience.

How to Determine Factors

1. Excellent Health Condition

You are considered a good candidate if you are healthy and have not been diagnosed with severe illness. This treatment is not available to pregnant or lactating women. Non-invasive Rhinoplasty is not available to minors under 18 years.

2. Crooked Nose

To correct a crooked or twisted nose, injecting filler into the tip of the nose can change its shape. Filler increases volume and gives your nose a balanced appearance.

3. Dorsal Hump

Non-invasive Rhinoplasty is a great option to get a more symmetrical nose if you have a prominent dorsal hump. The filler smooths the bump at the bridge.

4. Saddle Nose

The deformity can be described as depression or indentation in the nose bridge. This is caused by cartilage inflammation, which causes deep depression.

Another reason is autoimmune diseases that can cause injury, infection, or impact, as well as aggressive surgery and drug abuse. The nose filler instantly changes its appearance by filling in the divots or dents.

5. Recurrent issues in rhinoplasty

Liquid Rhinoplasty is a low-risk option for revision Rhinoplasty. It can address any issues with the previous rhinoplasty. This is a great way to revise or improve the results of any recent plastic surgery.

6. Realistic expectations

It is essential to have realistic expectations and views about the outcome.

These are the things you should expect:

Non-invasive rhinoplasty results are temporary. Depending on the filler used, it can last from 9 to 12 months.

It doesn't solve functional problems like breathing difficulties.

It won't reduce the size or shape of your nose. The filling ingredient makes your nose larger. Fillers can be used to shape the nose and make the bump less prominent. The fillers conceal the hump and make your nose appear smaller. A smooth nose makes your nose appear smaller and more aligned with your facial features.

There are possible complications and risks involved during the procedure. These complications are rare but being prepared can help you deal with them if they do occur.

You may experience side effects for a few days, like redness or tenderness in the injection areas, slight swelling, and bruising. You should seek immediate medical attention if they persist for a prolonged time or worsen.

What is the recovery time for non-surgical rhinoplasty?

There is no recovery period. After treatment, you can resume your routine. To minimise the effects of the treatment, you must avoid these :

  • Alcohol
  • Aspirin is a blood-thinning medicine.
  • Strenuous workouts

To conclude

This injectable procedure, Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty, is safer than surgery. However, it is still essential to choose an expert to perform it. This will ensure a safe and quick procedure and expert advice about risk management and side effects. Experienced doctors are better at addressing potential complications. You can get excellent advice from them about the best options for you.

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