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Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Botox injections are a very effective treatment to reduce lines and wrinkles on the forehead, frown lines and face.

All our Botox injections are given by Mr Labib who specialises in tailoring the strength your treatments to your individual needs. This means if wanted, you can retain some expression of the facial muscles, giving a more natural and subtle look.

The treatment itself takes around 15 to 20 minutes to complete and after the treatment you can drive or head back to work immediately, no recovery period is needed.  It is an extremely safe procedure.

We offer a free follow up two weeks after every Botox treatment to ensure that the treatment meets your expectations, if necessary a free top up of Botox can be given at this appointment.

The following are commonly treated areas with Botox:

Frown Lines

Frown lines can be seen as vertical lines in between the eyebrows and are common in people who frown a lot or have been overexposed to the sun. To treat these lines, small injections are given in-between and along the brow.

Forehead Wrinkles

Forehead wrinkles appear as horizontal lines on the forehead which are more prominent when you raise your eyebrows. To treat these, small injections are given on the forehead

Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet are found in the outer corner of the eyes. They appear more prominent when smiling or laughing. They occur as the skin becomes less elastic with age, combined with excessive sun exposure. Small injections at either side of the eyes are very effective in treating crow’s feet wrinkles.

Smoker’s Lines

Smoker’s lines appear around the mouth above the top lip. They can occur in non-smokers, but can appear more prominent in smokers. Injections placed around above the top lip are all that is needed to reduce their appearance.

Marionette Lines

Botox can be injected into the corners of the mouth alleviating the sad appearance that can occur with ageing.

Bunny Lines

Bunny lines are wrinkles at the top of the nose which can appear when squinting or frowning and can be successfully treated with Botox injections.

Brow Lift With Botox

Botox can also be used to achieve an eyebrow raise or “Chemical Brow Lift”. Carefully placed injections around the brow can raise the eyebrows by about 3 millimeters. This can open up the eyes and in women give a more youthful appearance.

Our prices for Anti-Wrinkle treatment are:

  • 1 Area: £160
  • 2 Areas: £240
  • 3 Areas: £300

If you would like to know more about how we can help your next step is to make an appointment to see Mr Labib. At your free consultation we will take a medical history and discuss your areas of concern. Sometimes we may advise a combination of treatments such as wrinkle relaxing injections or medical skin needling to achieve the result you are looking for.


We use a range of specialised injectables to rejuvenate the skin and combat wrinkles, encouraging the growth of collagen which strengthens the skin and smooth away lines and folds.

It can take anywhere from 5 to 9 days, to start seeing the effects.

The action on the muscle is never permanent. The length of time that the muscle does not move varies from person to person. On average Anti-wrinkle Injections last between 4-6 months.



Your journey to achieving a smoother skin begins with a Free consultation