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Sexual Rejuvenation

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Sexual Wellness Clinic
'Outstanding Career Achievement' (Lifetime Achievement Award)
2021 Winner – View details
Sexual Wellness Clinic

Sexuality and ageing can often seem like taboo subjects. However, at AL Aesthetics, we want to break that stigma because we believe men and women deserve to feel confident. Our team of experts in sexual wellness can help you understand the changes in your body and help to deal with them better.

Whether you are suffering from menopause or low libido, our experts are here to support you and find the right treatment that works for you. At our private sexual wellness clinic, all are welcomed into a judgement-free zone, and you are made to feel comfortable discussing your concerns with our qualified doctors.

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Sexual Wellness Clinic in Solihull, Birmingham

Sexual Wellness Treatments

AL Aesthetics, we prided ourselves on having an incredible team of professionals to help you feel comfortable and assured. We know that sexual rejuvenation and wellness can be a sensitive topic but do not let that stop you from enjoying your life.


Female Sexual Wellness

For many women, ageing and menopause can leave you feeling low and undesirable in your own body. That is why we offer the O shot; this is a targeted treatment for females to help rejuvenate vaginal tissue and increase sensations.  

BHRT is also offered. No longer feel like you need to suffer in silence. With various options available, we can help you find the treatment to help you rebalance.

Male Sexual Wellness

The P shot is a treatment that has helped many men dealing with intimate issues. No longer allow stigma to rule your confidence. Let our experts help you. Treatments work to stimulate the penile tissue to rejuvenate the area.

TRT, also known as testosterone replacement therapy, can be used to help men dealing with low libido, fatigue, difficulty maintaining or building muscle, unexplained weight gain, mood swings and brain fog.  

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What is sexual wellness?

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At AL Aesthetics, when we refer to sexual wellness, we discuss issues that many males and females face due to ageing, illness or injury that can leave them unable to feel themselves.

What is sexual rejuvenation?

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Sexual rejuvenation at AL Aesthetic refers to the range of treatments offered to help improve and enhance the client's sexual life. Whether issues you are having are due to injury, ageing or illness, our dedicated professionals are here to listen and help.

How long does the O shot last?

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The O shot can last 6-18 months, depending on how your body reacts to the treatment and the issues it is helping to combat.

How long does the P shot last?

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The P shot results can last up to 1 year depending on the issues we are combating and your body's reaction to it.

Is BHRT safe?

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You are in safe hands when choosing a professional for this treatment.

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