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Earfold Treatment

How does it work?

Earfold is a treatment that will help to reposition your ears in a manner that makes you feel more comfortable and confident, this treatment can be done with 1 or both ears, you decide. What happens during the marginally invasive treatment is that the Earfold implant is planted into the ear and it will position itself to help corrects the ears prominence, it does so by creating or through enhancing the antihelical fold in the ear. It is completed under local anaesthetic to ensure you are as comfortable as possible, the treatment will take approximately 20 minutes that’s if you opt to have both ears.

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Why Should I Get it?

This treatment will be done for you on your terms, it is said around 1-2% of the population is also affected by prominent ears this also includes children. This can affect some of the population in negative ways as they may be teased or felt unconfident and held back due to this. The Earfold treatment has been created in a manner that it is able to help both children aged 7+ and adults, the aim of this treatment is to help your confidence and make you comfortable in your skin.
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I had my Ear Fold surgery undertaken by Ash at Courthouse Clinics, it was a success. I am absolutely thrilled with the results, and as far as I am concerned Ash has changed my life, my confidence has improved and I regret not doing it sooner! The treatment from him was second to none and he knew instantly what was wrong and how to go about fixing it, despite some adversity (from my ears not wanting to accept the implant). I was told to let it heal and I came back and he finished the job! Would 100% recommend Ash to anyone that will listen and if I wanted anything cosmetic done in future, I would not hesitate to go to him!

Joe Glenwright

I am 72 years of age and have just had this procedure 6 weeks ago. All I can say is that my life has changed!! No more jug ears, no more long unruly hair to disguise them. I am no longer at all self conscious and would recommend this to any body. I just It had been available about 50 years ago!! Go for it!!

Robert Bradley


This procedure can take up to 20 minutes to complete both two ears, and less for one. 

Made from a lightweight, super-elastic material it allows your ear to move in a natural way, keeping its desired shape. 

Earfold has been formed to be a largely evasive treatment, with the typical time to complete the procedure on both ears being approximately 20 minutes, using local anaesthetic this minuscule compared to the 1-2 hours for an otoplasty procedure.  

Another advantage is that no large and obvious bandages are needed, simply some wound closure strips not only that but also recovery is short, and you can return to work or your child back to school once they feel comfortable. 

Earfold is a curved, thin metal implant formed from a very lightweight, elastic alloy called nitinol; which its 2 main elements are titanium and nickel. These are used hugely across medical fields and are completely safe. The Earfold implant is 5mm in width and 15mm in length, the entire implant is coated in 24-carat gold this will help to decrease the chance of detection under the skin.  

Earfold has been successful in helping to reposition prominent ears in children 7 and over and adults and you are able to choose and determine the new position of your ears before the procedure is completed. Earfold treatment is the new way to go but contact your consultant for further information and a consultation. 

Earfold was created by a company operating in the global health market called Allergan, they have helped to pioneer medical treatments based around aesthetics and have been doing so for over 35 years. This minimally invasive treatment offers many advantages opposed to traditional avenues such as surgery. The advantages include: 

  • A recovery time that is determined by you, you’re able to return to work and or school once you’re comfortable. 
  • There are no heavy bandages and wraps that must be changed every so often. 
  • You are in control of your new look. Before the treatment you tell us how you want your ears to look. 
  • A quick procedure that lasts approximately 20 minutes for both ears. 
  • Local anaesthetic is used to conduct the procedure and helps to make you more comfortable. 



Earfold Implant

Who is Ash Labib?

Ash Labib was a leading cosmetics surgeon with the NHS for over 24 years specialising in Ears, Nose and Throat. When he left he went on to found AL Aesthetics and for the last 8 years he has been co-pioneering a non-Surgical rhinoplasty procedure (the 15-minute nose job) he now teaches classes, trains and lectures alongside conducting treatments and procedures.


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