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Family time is always appreciatedĀ ā¤ļø Amany's surprise birthday party celebration was so much fun in Chicago!Ā ā¤ļøāœˆļøĀ And that was the highlight of the trip - Egyptian breakfast at Emad Azabā€™s house - A beautiful gatheringĀ  Follow Ash on Instagram to get his most recent updates

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Open Now – Harley St, London


Non-SurgicalĀ Rhinoplasty &Ā EarĀ foldĀ TreatmentĀ atĀ our London Clinic Ash Labib is travelling the world and finally,Ā heā€™sĀ landed atĀ HarleyĀ St, London.Ā Join his journey and learn more aboutĀ howĀ his expertise in Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty and Ear Fold TreatmentsĀ can help change your life. We also provide all treatments other treatments and procedures at our new clinic - call us onĀ 07966 151 486Ā orĀ 01902 774 734Ā to [...]

Open Now – Harley St, London 2018-10-23T11:18:36+00:00

Our First Masterclass in Dubai


Excited to announce our 1st masterclass in Dubai! 4th to 6th of November. Please get in touch if you are a practitioner in the Middle East for more information. Look at AL Medical Academy and Al AestheticsĀ to find out more about Ash Labib, his experience and expertise in training thousands of medical specialists. Ash [...]

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Meet Ralph!


Welcoming another Labib into the world.. Say hello to Ash's 2nd grandson, Ralph Mathew Labib! Welcome to the AL Aesthetics family, you've got good things to come. Look at that face, simply adorableĀ ā¤ļøšŸ™šŸ¾

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Our Popular Ear Fold Procedure


What is EarFold Treatment? Simply this treatment is a small surgical implant used to pin back prominent ears. The implant is made from a light-weight superelastic alloy of titanium and nickel, which is widely used in medicine. It is 5mm wide and 15mm long - if you are interested to know more, book [...]

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What Causes Hyperhidrosis? Whether you're running for the bus or sitting on the bus, sweat happens. If you live with the battle of having hyperhidrosis, (excessive sweating), you know that preventing underarm sweat stains is a daily battle. Axillary hyperhidrosis occurs when you have a regular number of sweat glands but a higher sympathetic [...]

HYPERHYDROSIS TREATMENT 2018-09-19T15:52:48+00:00

My Nose Job Diary


What is a Non-surgical Nose Job? Look at this amazing transformation for this beautiful woman after her Non-surgicalĀ Rhinoplasty procedure and listen to what she has to say about it. Many people are self-conscious about their bumps and lumps especially if it's in the middle of their face. This lady was too, so she came [...]

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