2019 MD Codes Tour

Dr Mauricio Maio, a world-renowned plastic surgeon and the creator of the MD Codes was recently in London, during is MD Codes 2019 Tour.

This system presented is simple, straightforward and a friendly way to guide the use of injectables in medical aesthetics.

Chairing an Allergan MDM expression module London 2019. Fantastic day with the maestro that is Mauricio de Maio.

Ash Labib, AL Medical Academy

The Vision

The understanding and ambition of where Ash Labib and Mauricio de Maio wants to take patients and students are unparalleled and nothing short of mind-blowing. It is an honour to have invited many professionals to join the @allergan_medical_institute.

Over the course of the program, exceptional practitioners will receive tuition, direction and guidance from some of the worlds greatest cosmetic surgeons and doctors, including Ash Labib.

If you would like to learn from Ash himself, please visit the AL Medical Academy, where you can book a place on the next botox and fillers course.


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