Jeddah Injection Boot Camp 2019

From the 9th-11th Jan, Ash Labib has been to visit Jeddah, his first stop on the ‘Middle East Tour’.

“With the collaboration with acclaimed International Master Course on Aging Skin, Paris ( IMCAS ), we are organizing the second conference Jeddah Injection Boot Camp (JIBCII), it’s one of a kind in the region and probably worldwide concentrating solely on injectables. For three days from the 9th to 11th of January 2019, in the prestigious Ritz Carlton Jeddah. We will have local and international renown speakers sharing their knowledge and experiences.

Apart from our lectures and live demonstrations, the conference will also include hands-on experience for joining participants to assure a future generation of safe and knowledgeable physicians.” – Jeddah Injection Boot Camp II

Leaving Jeddah to Kuwait City with great memories of a remarkable trip. Thanks to JIBC organisers for the invite and hospitality and great thank you to the young dynamic professional Allergan team in Saudi, on behalf of Ash Labib, he will be back very soon.

So honoured to be invited to the 2nd JIBC 2019! Great hospitality and fabulous venue!

Thanks to Allergan’s team and the organisers ✈️😀

Ash Labib, AL Aesthetics

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