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Allergan Medical Institute

Ash Labib was invited to the Allergan medical institute UK faculty meeting in London. Discussing the importance of being medically qualified to a high standard.

Refreshing to be around other medical professionals who believe in the importance of being medically qualified

Ash Labib and his aesthetics team believe the level of importance to be trained to a high standard, offering our patients the best service we possibly can.

In the words of Dr Christian, contrary to the beliefs of the non-medics practising within this field, we are practising medicine and are still bound to our codes and conducts.


Thanks for the pleasure of meeting some amazing people and forged some lovely friendships along the way. Taking pride as a member of the Allergan Medical Institute, Mr Labib holds the prestigious position of UK country ambassador and global key opinion leader.

His passion and drive for professional and ethical aesthetic practices means he devotes part of his time to clinical audit and research, as a driver to promoting evidence-based practice and safety and excellence within the aesthetics industry.

Great end of an amazing Allergan Botox event in London. Now off to party 🤦‍♀️😂🙏 An allergen global Botox event, what a great end of a fantastic year. 2019 will be even more prosperous

Dr. Ash Labib, AL Medical Academy

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