Our Popular Ear Fold Procedure

What is EarFold Treatment?

Simply this treatment is a small surgical implant used to pin back prominent ears. The implant is made from a light-weight superelastic alloy of titanium and nickel, which is widely used in medicine. It is 5mm wide and 15mm long – if you are interested to know more, book a free no-obligation free consultation with our experts!

Around 1-2% of the UK’s population is affected by prominent ears. Children are particularly impacted as many are teased by their peers. At Al Aesthetics we can treat children at the minimum age of 7 with parental consent.

Our Popular Ear Fold Procedure

The benefits:

  • Short recovery – no bandages so you can return to work as soon as!
  • Want your ears in a certain position? It’s your choice.
  • Fast treatment – 20 minutes for both ears
  • Carried out under local anaesthetic in a clinic environment
  • Performed by professionals – so you can rest assured you are in safe hands
  • The Earfold implants are biocompatible, so if, for whatever reasons, you are unsatisfied with the outcome of the surgery, the implant can be removed.
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Our Popular Ear Fold Procedure


Our Popular Ear Fold Procedure


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